ALDI MiniRoos Football

ALDI MiniRoos Small Sided Football will accelerate the technical development of children who start to play football and provide a more logical pathway leading up to playing 11 v 11”.

“ALDI MiniRoos Small Sided Football is implemented for the development and enjoyment of the children. It’s their game, we as adults only need to create a stimulating and entertaining environment for them”.

 Benefits of ALDI MiniRoos Small-Sided Football

• more touches of the ball

• more shots on goal

• repeated decision-making experience

• the ball is in play far more often

• the emphasis is on player development rather than winning or losing

• more 1 v 1 attacking situations

• the game is easier to understand for children and parents

• freedom of expression

• less perceived stress on the players

• less perceived pressure from coaches and parents

For more information

Is a great website for children, parents and coaches to visit. Clubs, coaches and parents can find education resources and coaching tips specific to ALDI MiniRoos Small Sided Football.

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